Founded in 2005 and based in New York City, Wei Heng has a sales volume of 102,000. They haven’t been around that long, but they have a few awards under their belt. The company has a decent looking website with a small army of gimmick e-commerce monkeys manning the keyboard. They also have a Facebook page to boot. heng99 of the game is to have a few engaging content worthy of their patrons. Some of the more interesting posts include a well-rounded list of female professionals and anecdotal tales of success. They also have an enviable customer service department. They’re not the only ones, either. The company is a Singapore company. Besides their Facebook page, they have a handful of other microsites and mobile apps to keep you in the loop. เฮง99 หวย ‘s a small but mighty company, and they’re a fun place to do business. They might not have the budget for a high roller treatment, but they’re no slouches in the corporate department. They have a decent sized social media team, and are always on the lookout for the next big thing. They’re also a few months away from their annual biggest bash, which is the one to attend if you can get away from the office. They have a few other perks, such as a free shipping if you order by Tuesday.